Of heroes and cry babies. An appeal.

The more that I get in touch with people with disabilities through my work and my private life, the more I realise how there are two big factions: those that break every limit, and those that don’t get anything done at all. There’s a neutral zone in-between, but the extremes are quite obvious. That one[…]

What’s it like to have my muscular disease? Here’s a way you can try it for a day – for free!

If I could get a dollar every time someone sees me with a crutch or climb up the stairs in my funny little way and asks: “What happened?”, I’d probably make about $18.50 a month. Enough to pay for my audible membership. Yet people never ask: “How does that feel like?” Should you ever find[…]

Backpacking Thailand, part 2

After my escape out of Bangkok and the stressful hunt for an apartment that’s wheelchair accessible (see Backpacking Thailand, part 1) I finally found some peace and quiet. Now it was time to immerse myself in the thai culture. And that proved to be more difficult than I thought. After the stress of the first[…]

Three ways to be happier in just one minute

Happiness is a endless topic. Instead of getting all philosophical about it, here are three easy everyday hacks to get you started. Several years ago, I celebrated New Years with a few good friends. Instead of the usual activities to kill time until midnight (eating, drinking, playing games, telling each other how many hours are[…]

How what others say should really affect us

Last week a friend said something to me that completely threw me off my course. I felt hurt, angry and sad. I couldn’t form a single clear thought all day and the day after.     But I also knew that I couldn’t blame my friend for it. There was nothing he said that was[…]

Backpacking Thailand, Part 1

It’s been almost a month since I set out to backpack through Thailand in my wheelchair, all on my own. All I had was a plane ticket, a hotel reservation for two nights and the determination to figure it all out as I go along. A few years ago, friends showed me photos of their[…]

Why this blog?

Over the past few years, my life has changed dramatically. It went from mediocre to a true pursuit of my dreams, with the knowledge that nothing – absolutely nothing – is impossible. And all this has happened in only six months. Six months from “I can’t wait till it’s finally weekend.” to “What’s the next[…]