A Wheelchair Adventure in Tyrol or: Running with Cows

In the summer of 2013 I got my electric wheelchair. What would you do if you just got a brand new electric wheelchair? Well I left for the mountainbike trails in Austria, to see what it can do. That was more of a coincidence though – a friend of mine stayed at my place for[…]

Backpacking Thailand, part 2

After my escape out of Bangkok and the stressful hunt for an apartment that’s wheelchair accessible (see Backpacking Thailand, part 1) I finally found some peace and quiet. Now it was time to immerse myself in the thai culture. And that proved to be more difficult than I thought. After the stress of the first[…]

Backpacking Thailand, Part 1

It’s been almost a month since I set out to backpack through Thailand in my wheelchair, all on my own. All I had was a plane ticket, a hotel reservation for two nights and the determination to figure it all out as I go along. A few years ago, friends showed me photos of their[…]