7 reasons why I love my disability

For a long time, I thought my life was awesome despite my disability. Later I realised that actually, my life is the way it is because of my disability. I couldn’t have done the same without it. My life would have been very different were I perfectly healthy. And I like to believe that in[…]

My Ice Bucket Challenge of a different kind

This is my Ice Bucket Challenge, where people post videos of themselves pouring ice cold water over themselves to raise awareness for ALS and then nominate friends to do the same. I nominate myself, and my challenge comes without the ice water and without a video. It still comes with a feeling of dread and[…]

Of being an invisible superhero

When asked about my disability, I find pleasure in describing myself as the superhero who arrived late when the superpowers where handed out. A would-be Superman who had overslept on the important day. Instead of flying through the sky in a skin tight suit, I’m the world’s first superhero who’s very slow and very weak.[…]

Of heroes and cry babies. An appeal.

The more that I get in touch with people with disabilities through my work and my private life, the more I realise how there are two big factions: those that break every limit, and those that don’t get anything done at all. There’s a neutral zone in-between, but the extremes are quite obvious. That one[…]

What’s it like to have my muscular disease? Here’s a way you can try it for a day – for free!

If I could get a dollar every time someone sees me with a crutch or climb up the stairs in my funny little way and asks: “What happened?”, I’d probably make about $18.50 a month. Enough to pay for my audible membership. Yet people never ask: “How does that feel like?” Should you ever find[…]

Why this blog?

Over the past few years, my life has changed dramatically. It went from mediocre to a true pursuit of my dreams, with the knowledge that nothing – absolutely nothing – is impossible. And all this has happened in only six months. Six months from “I can’t wait till it’s finally weekend.” to “What’s the next[…]