7 reasons why I love my disability

For a long time, I thought my life was awesome despite my disability. Later I realised that actually, my life is the way it is because of my disability. I couldn’t have done the same without it. My life would have been very different were I perfectly healthy. And I like to believe that in[…]

My Ice Bucket Challenge of a different kind

This is my Ice Bucket Challenge, where people post videos of themselves pouring ice cold water over themselves to raise awareness for ALS and then nominate friends to do the same. I nominate myself, and my challenge comes without the ice water and without a video. It still comes with a feeling of dread and[…]

All that we will ever have

Here’s a revelation I had as I was sitting in the sun one morning. A good time and place for revelations, by the way. I don’t know if I’ll be able to explain it properly, I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. I was on my usual travel schedule to work, taking two[…]

Of being an invisible superhero

When asked about my disability, I find pleasure in describing myself as the superhero who arrived late when the superpowers where handed out. A would-be Superman who had overslept on the important day. Instead of flying through the sky in a skin tight suit, I’m the world’s first superhero who’s very slow and very weak.[…]

A Wheelchair Adventure in Tyrol or: Running with Cows

In the summer of 2013 I got my electric wheelchair. What would you do if you just got a brand new electric wheelchair? Well I left for the mountainbike trails in Austria, to see what it can do. That was more of a coincidence though – a friend of mine stayed at my place for[…]

Why it’s good to make mistakes

All new things start by making many, many mistakes. They let us learn, let us get better and make us lose our fear of new experiences. Nothing holds us back more than to think that making mistakes is a bad thing. There are no mistakes. There’s only success or learning.       That lesson[…]