I have worked as a speaker coach with over a hundred people all around the world and helped them deliver spectacular presentations. Entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers and students alike – on-site or comfortably through Skype.

The content of your presentation

We will find an idea for your talk and put together a presentation that has the audience listening to your every word. Because what you have to say matters. And if you already have an idea, we will give it an angle so that the audience won’t be able to not listen to you.

Rehearsing the talk to perfection

I will show you ways to make your rehearsal process rock solid and effective. You will get feedback at every step. So that when you are on stage you can confidently connect with the audience in a powerful way – without being stressed that you will forget what to say.

Getting rid of your stage fright

We’ll work on this in a way that by the time you are up on stage, it’s going to feel like you’ve already been there a hundred times. We’ll get the frightening stuff out of the way in a safe environment so that when the big day comes the stage is going to feel like you are relaxing in your vacation home. You won’t be afraid of presenting anymore. You’ll be able to use it as a tool whenever you need it.

A bulletproof preparation for when things go wrong

When things can go wrong, then you can bet that some of them will go wrong. We’ll work on a foolproof backup plan for all the things that might happen – so that you know how to deal with it.

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It brought my rehearsal time down to a fraction of what it previously was.

Edward Druce Entrepreneur

Michael Herold is great at what he does, he’s a fantastic speaker, extremely funny and very poignant and he’s great at teaching people to speak well – which might be the most important thing.

Karlo Krznarić Entrepreneur

“I felt more comfortable on the stage, more comfortable giving the speech.”

Marcel Moosbrugger Student